Nyree Emory

When I began working with Marion, I was frustrated with my career, dealing with a horrible boss and working in a cubicle. My career transformation within the last two years has been something out of a Hollywood movie thanks to Marion’s coaching. I was already an incredibly hard worker, putting in long hours and doing praised work, however, I couldn’t seem to move the needle regarding my career and salary.

Marion’s guidance and coaching helped me to examine my thinking, approach, emotional intelligence, and personal presentation. In six months, I went from “just another person on the team” to “one of the most valued employees in the company” as quoted by the Executive Vice President of the company. I was finally heard, seen and valued.  In two years, I’ve strategized and won major awards for significant campaigns and have risen through the ranks with two promotions. (I’m writing this review from my own office.)

I am now sought after by outside companies as a highly desirable acquisition hire. I’d always sought these kinds of opportunities and now, they are coming to me effortlessly. Marion’s advice and coaching make you feel as if he’s given you the secret keys to success. He helps you apply minor tweaks to not only grow in career but personal self-esteem. His advice is an absolute must for anyone who is seriously looking to advance in their career.