I’ve met a number of career/life coaches over the years, but none as compelling as you.

Connie via Social Media

Marion, Thank you so much for the workshop that you led on Thursday. I’ve met a number of career/life coaches over the years, but none as compelling as you – it was really helpful and eye opening. Your grandmother gifted us all with what she invested in you! My name is Connie and I sat in the middle of the room that night. I asked the question about the importance of gathering feedback from a variety of personal and professional sources (vs. a targeted group of allies). I spoke to you again at the end of the night to inform you that I’d be reaching out so here I am! Specifically I have three items for which I’d appreciate your insight or feedback:In regards to literature on Emotional Intelligence, what two books (in addition to yours) do you feel are important reads?I viewed your website and would like more information about the coaching services you provide (i.e. pricing, timelines etc.)?I’d also like to know whether we can schedule a brief (15 minute) call to discuss what I’m managing right now and may seek your coaching to navigate. Thanks again!

Not only does Marion listen but he pays attention.

Jessie Tu President, Aandaz, Inc. New York, New York

Working with Marion Brooks has been both challenging and exciting. Together we have built upon of what I know and how I learn. Not only does Marion listen but he pays attention. I have appreciated his honesty and candor. Through this process I have discovered an application far beyond my original intention in working with a coach. Marion’s coaching has expanded my perspective – of myself and the world. Marion has made a substantial and positive difference in my professional and personal life.

Motivating, supportive, insightful, well respected.

Jason Sims Pharmaceutical Industry

Motivating, supportive, insightful, well respected are some of the words that come to mind when I think of Marion Brooks. I’ve known Marion for over 10 years but had the unique opportunity to work for him for 3 years when he served as my District Sales Manager. He created one of the most amazing work environments by being transparent, strategic, motivating and always challenging his team to think outside of the box and be resourceful. Marion is definitely my “go to” person when I need personal or professional direction. If the opportunity presented itself, I would move across the country to work with Marion Brooks again. I endorse and will support him in all of his future endeavors.

His advice is an absolute must.

Nyree Emory Entertainment Industry

When I began working with Marion, I was frustrated with my career, dealing with a horrible boss and working in a cubicle. My career transformation within the last two years has been something out of a Hollywood movie thanks to Marion’s coaching. I was already an incredibly hard worker, putting in long hours and doing praised work, however, I couldn’t seem to move the needle regarding my career and salary. Marion’s guidance and coaching helped me to examine my thinking, approach, emotional intelligence and personal presentation. In six months, I went from “just another person on the team” to “one of the most valued employees in the company” as quoted by the Executive Vice President of the company. I was finally heard, seen and valued. In two years, I’ve strategized and won major awards for significant campaigns and have risen through the ranks with two promotions. (I’m writing this review from my office.) I am now sought after by outside companies as a highly desirable acquisition hire. I’d always sought these kinds of opportunities and now, they are coming to me effortlessly. Marion’s advice and coaching make you feel as if he’s given you the secret keys to success. He helps you apply minor tweaks to not only grow in career but personal self-esteem. His advice is an absolute must for anyone who is seriously looking to advance in their career.

Marion’s approach to leadership is magnetic.

Dr. Angela Anderson Leadership and Organizational Expert

Marion Brooks is a leader’s leader. He has a natural talent for developing others and guiding them through their personal and professional development journey. I had the pleasure of both partnering with Marion and observing him in his work as a leader. Marion’s approach to leadership is magnetic and his team respects his judgment. It isn’t because of his position. It is because of his influence. He connects to others in a genuine way that confirms his passion for helping others reach success. Any person who has the opportunity to work with Marion will be better for it. Marion is committed to giving his best at all times and holds others accountable to do the same. Working with Marion provides his clients a non-judgmental environment with one goal in mind…success!

The book opened my eyes to so many things.

Melody Crosby via Email

I read your book from cover to cover. I wasn’t earmarked, I wasn’t being given access and my boss did everything possible to make sure I didn’t succeed. And you’re right when you recognize what is happening its up to you to make moves. I think it was an excellent book and opened my eyes to so many things. I quit my job and got a new one!!! It was fear preventing me from leaving and I just said “freak it” I’m out.Thank you for being a leader and sharing your story.

He was a beacon of hope in a dark and challenging time.

Angela Moore Pharmaceutical Industry

Marion brings a balance of compassion and pragmatism to his coaching that is unparalleled. I first reached out to Marion to guide me through a difficult leadership transition. He was a beacon of hope in a dark and challenging time. He pushed me to question my fears and find my strength. Marion blends the professional and personal in a manner that allows the coachee to elucidate his/her overarching life goals and create an action plan around those. Marion is firm and fair, reminding his coachees to stay on track, identify derailments, and push through adversity. I am thrilled about his new book!

Marion has a very genuine and generous spirit.

Allysen Brownlee, M.A. Pharmaceutical Industry

Marion has always been known to me as Big which in my opinion is a very fitting nickname. For one reason, he has a very genuine and generous spirit. Another reason is the “big” role he has played in not only being instrumental in helping me get into the pharmaceutical industry, but also, how he has helped me throughout my career. Whether it be changes within a role or new challenges I was facing or decisions to change companies, he has always been there to help guide and coach me. And with his extensive expertise and generous spirit, he has always been a wonderful sounding board. Big was responsible for my entering into the pharmaceutical industry over 13 years ago, but he didn’t just present an opportunity to me, he coached me to success in landing my first pharmaceutical position. And being that it was my first sales position other than retail, I’m sure that was no easy task. Without his coaching I would have never landed that job and since been able to enjoy the many successes that I have. I am forever grateful and know if I need him he is always there to offer his continued support.

The indispensable lessons that I have learned from him have served me well.

Carl E. Kennedy, Esq Corporate Attorney

Working with Marion as a coach and mentor over the years has fundamentally changed my approach when considering new work opportunities and in navigating the morass of organizational politics. Earlier in my career, I spent a disproportionate amount of time focusing on my competencies and skills as a lawyer. Marion taught me the importance of also focusing on my emotional intelligence in the workplace in order to excel and to become a leader. I now feel better equipped to make smarter career choices, to project more self-confidence when interacting with my colleagues and clients and to carry myself with poise under pressure or during times of conflict. Marion is incredible at always providing frank and objective advice, which I have been unable to uncover on my own. The indispensable lessons that I have learned from him have served me well in the past and will continue to serve me well in the future as I take my career to the next level.

This is a MUST READ!

Lodric D. Collins Entertainment Industry

POWERFUL is the only word I can use to describe Marion and these 4 steps he has created! It has been a huge catalyst in my career and personal growth! This is a MUST READ!

I am a huge FAN!!!!

Datari Austin Creative Director, Datari Austin London

i attended your Book signing/launch yesterday, Firstly, I’d like to congratulate you on such a successful launch and what a good read!I was awed by how much lessons i learned in such a short period. After i left your event, I went to another event where i met with an actress that I’ve always looked up to and wanted to meet so badly! I quickly remembered everything you said about lmage/Branding . I walked up to her with my head held high and introduced myself , the great energy I exuded was retaliated and before i knew it i was exchanging telephone numbers with Lynn Whitfield ! It was such a humbling experience to know that something i just listened to and used into practice did work! Because the old Datari would’ve doubted himself, won’t dare reaching out to introduce myself. I am a huge FAN!!!! and i couldn’t have done that without listening ,receiving and taking into practice all that you spoke about. so for that i want to say a huge thank you once again.

I’m Most Of All Inspired.

Nanette via Social Media

Marion Brooks OMG! You have no idea the inspiration of Your Book! I started reading at home and I took it to work and read it in a week in between work time. You came with it and I had to just Check myself and say” I’m still in this place because I have been doing it all wrong” Big I’m gifting all my friends this book for Christmas because Family and you are my Family…Your Book Educated me and I’m walking around with a Totally different look on my Career Future! You Nailed it!! I’m Proud Proud Proud and I’m Most Of All Inspired. Thank You!

In short, Marion is the bomb.com!

Juanita Gordon Pharmaceutical Industry

In just a few months of my mentoring/coaching relationship with Marion, I am more tactful, yet direct in my written and oral communications. Marion has become a trusted mentor/coach as he showed me how to build a foundation for growth and success both personally and professionally. Now I am able to focus and prioritize my experience and ideas for the best possible solutions/outcomes. In short, Marion is the bomb.com!

Your interview just inspired me!

Jeffery Irelf via Instagram

Knowing you have options, IQ vs EQ, being an influencer and not a parasite. Such a good interview & exactly what I need to hear right now. I’m transitioning from one career to another and feel stuck sometimes with what path do I really take within the transition. Your interview just inspired me! Buying your book. Will post a pic when it’s in hand! #muchogracias

I can unequivocally endorse Marion Brooks as an executive coach.

Jon White Associate Dean of Students, New York University

I have a senior leadership position in a large nonprofit organization with a highly specific culture, but was new to the position when first working with Marion. Admittedly, I approached executive coaching with some skepticism too. My coaching experiences, however, were immensely valuable in my career. Marion committed to understanding my personal values and the institutional context, and adapted his approach whenever needed (the hallmark of a true educator). He challenged me to consider management issues from different perspectives, but never compromising the leadership values most important to me. He provided critical guidance and mentorship, and I can unequivocally endorse Marion Brooks as an executive coach, and teacher!”

I promise you that every area of your life will change for the better.

Mary Rogers Staffing and Recruiting Industry

At one of the most lowest point in my life, when I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, God sent me an angel named Marion Brooks. I laughed, cried and even got a little upset doing the process. In life every one of us will encounter a storm or 2 in life. However it’s how you go through the storm that will determine the outcome. Marion Brooks helped me to change first- My attitude; second-How I saw myself, and third-my level of Hope for the future during this time. Let me tell you, If you will open your mind, listen, and do your part in the process with Marion Brooks, I promise you that every area of your life will change for the better. He will challenge, develop, and motivate you in ways/ areas you won’t believe. I now look back and say to myself, boy I was a hot mess, but look at me now! For the first time in my life every area is lining up. I’m more grateful, humble, I have better energy, which is causing positive people to come into my life. Better relationship with my family. I am so blessed. Thank you Marion!

Marion has pushed me over obstacles and driven me beyond my fears.

Ryan Ashley Lowery Wharton MBA/PhD Candidate

I’m extremely grateful, blessed and fortunate to have Marion E. Brooks as my life coach and mentor. I also like to refer to him as my guardian angel. He has guided me through every major life decision that I’ve made over the last 14 years, helping me to clearly see and evaluate the pros and cons of each decision and giving me additional tools to help me make the best decision that aligns with my long-term goals and my purpose in life. Moreover, Marion is the King of asking the right questions. He asks me soul searching questions that require me to dig deep and give honest answers, which ultimately lead to me to gaining even greater clarity on the path that I should pursue. Marion has pushed me over obstacles and driven me beyond my fears into realms that I never thought I could go.