Carl E. Kennedy, Esq

Working with Marion as a coach and mentor over the years has fundamentally changed my approach when considering new work opportunities and in navigating the morass of organizational politics.  Earlier in my career, I spent a disproportionate amount of time focusing on my competencies and skills as a lawyer.

Marion taught me the importance of also focusing on my emotional intelligence in the workplace in order to excel and to become a leader.  I now feel better equipped to make smarter career choices, to project more self-confidence when interacting with my colleagues and clients and to carry myself with poise under pressure or during times of conflict.

Marion is incredible at always providing frank and objective advice, which I have been unable to uncover on my own.  The indispensable lessons that I have learned from him have served me well in the past and will continue to serve me well in the future as I take my career to the next level.