Allysen Brownlee, M.A. Pharmaceutical Industry

Marion has always been known to me as Big which in my opinion is a very fitting nickname. For one reason, he has a very genuine and generous spirit. Another reason is the “big” role he has played in not only being instrumental in helping me get into the pharmaceutical industry, but also, how he has helped me throughout my career.  Whether it be changes within a role or new challenges I was facing or decisions to change companies, he has always been there to help guide and coach me. And with his extensive expertise and generous spirit, he has always been a wonderful sounding board.

Big was responsible for my entering into the pharmaceutical industry over 13 years ago, but he didn’t just present an opportunity to me, he coached me to success in landing my first pharmaceutical position. And being that it was my first sales position other than retail, I’m sure that was no easy task. Without his coaching I would have never landed that job and since been able to enjoy the many successes that I have. I am forever grateful and know if I need him he is always there to offer his continued support.