Rolling Out media company interviewed Marion E. Brooks about how his new book ” What You Don’t Know IS Hurting You: 4 Keys to Phenomenal Career”.  In this intimate Q&A Marion shares his inspiration for his first book, the process of writing, reflection on that process, and more!

“I was inspired to write this book after a coaching client told me what I had taught her was The invaluable and that she wasn’t the only one who needed to know this information.”

Marion continues to speak about his writing style using humor and real stories to drive the message home. Among others mentioned, “Change Your Questions Change Your Life” by Marilee Adams is one of the books that most impacted his writing. He also delves into the writing and publication process and how important a trusted mentor is to a successful publication experience and outcome. From who is currently reading to other authors on his radar, Marion prepares for his upcoming book tour launch by staying on top of the publishing game and continuing to seek growth and inspiration for his next book…

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