According to the Harvard Business Review, only 5% percent of employees are identified as high potential. High potentials get access to training, tools, and support that other employees do not receive, which inevitably positions them for success with an advantage in an already competitive environment. As someone who was identified as a high potential early in my career, I benefited from additional training, coaching, and mentorship throughout my career from both my family and my mentors. I have seen firsthand how this affected various members of the teams that I have managed.

I’m so thankful for my grandmother, and her faith in me as a leader, I wouldn’t have achieved the level of success that I have today. Not everyone is as lucky to have had that level of support, and unfortunately, most who don’t – end up not living up to their fullest potential. My hope is that with my book ” What You Don’t Know IS Hurting You: 4 Keys to Phenomenal Career” that I can pass on some of that support, mentorship, faith, and success.

My siblings and were raised by our grandparents who were on a fixed income. Going to college was not something I thought was realistic but my grandmother encouraged my to go by investing in my future. A lot of what I do, is based on what I saw my grandmother do and how she treated others. Learn more about my story in this short video: